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The GM Renaissance Center is a centerpiece of the Detroit skyline.

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6 U.S. Cities to Watch in 2017
by Conde Nast Editors, Conde Nast Traveler, April 17, 2017
Detroit has long been on the upswing, thanks to a wave of creatives and entrepreneurs who've flocked to the city for its accommodating real estate market.
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Here are top 16 auto events around Detroit in 2017 for car-lovers
by Paula Gardner, MLive, April 13, 2017
The Motor City doesn't just make cars. It also celebrates them. And in Southeast Michigan, that can happen - with cruises and shows - nearly every night during the summer.
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New Kids on the Block
by Tasting Team writers, March 13, 2017
…A devastating fire may have destroyed Detroit's new Thai hot spot, Katoi, last month, but chef Brad Greenhill and his team are already back on their feet.
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New Red Wings arena could be a game-changer for hockey fans — and all of Detroit
by Amy Eckert, Chicago Tribune, March 1, 2017
…Come next season, the Red Wings will host their Midwestern rivals in new digs: Little Caesars Arena, a key piece of a much larger development dubbed The District Detroit. This 50-block span of sports and entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, businesses, parks and more promises to link downtown and midtown into one big, thriving urban setting.
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Get your motor running on a road trip from Motor City Detroit to the mighty Lake Michigan
by Karin Wright, Mirror, March 1, 2017
…We kicked off in Detroit, basing ourselves at the very grand Aloft Detroit at the David Whitney hotel, a legacy of America’s Golden Age. It’s in the buzzing downtown district, which is crammed with bars and restaurants, close to the beautiful Opera House, the iconic Fox Theatre as well as Comerica Park baseball stadium (home of the Detroit Tigers) and Ford Field football stadium (where the Detroit Lions play).
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The 13 most important construction and development projects in the United States
by Megan Barber, March 1, 2017,
…But that was before billionaire Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock proposed plans to build the tallest building in Michigan. Set on the site of Hudson’s—Detroit’s iconic department store—the new development will include a 52-story, 734-foot tower, and cover over 1.2 million square feet. A nine-story “podium” will offer mixed-use, commercial, office, technology, arts, and culture space, while plans also call for 250 residential units and 700 parking spaces. Planners hope that the project will be complete in 2020.
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Car-Free Vacations for the Urban Traveler
by Elaine Glusac, Feb. 20, 2017, New York Times
…The Motor City once had a vital streetcar system, including a track that ran down its main corridor, Woodward Avenue. In April, some 60 years after the old lines were eradicated to make way for cars, the new QLine will restore streetcar service to downtown over a 3.3-mile route.
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Detroit's hot dog eatery is a piece of American history
by Larry Olmsted, Feb. 16, 2017, USA Today
100 years and three generations later, American Coney Island claims to be the oldest family-owned business in Michigan. By any measure, it is one of the nation’s most iconic restaurants, a fixture in downtown Detroit since the city was riding high on the auto business, through its decline, and now during its upswing.
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D Discount Pass adds DIA, USPBL games to roster
by Annalise Frank, Feb. 14, 2017, Crain’s Detroit Business
The Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau added five organizations to its D Discount Pass, which offers savings on a host of attractions in Southeast Michigan
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Groups laud improved Detroit convention experience, but there's room to grow
by Sherri Welch, Feb. 12, 2017, Crain’s Detroit Business
Detroit took a huge step forward as a meeting and conference destination with its recent expansion and renovation of Cobo Center. But the city is lagging behind its competitors in one important area: the number of downtown hotel rooms it can offer.
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Eating Dearborn
by David Hammond, February 2017,
…It was fascinating to see the people of Detroit, a city on the remake, leveraging the aesthetic and financial advantages of properties abandoned when the city’s auto and other industries downsized or closed shop. Young artists, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs are revitalizing places outside the city’s center, and we were knocked out by Detroit’s old-neighborhoods-made-new, especially Corktown, bursting with renewed energy at restaurants, breweries and bars that seemingly overnight mushroomed out in old warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
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The 33 Best Sandwich Shops in America
by Andy Kryza, Thrillist, Jan. 13, 2017
…While Ann Arbor residents will go on all day about the (legit) greatness of beloved deli Zingerman's, it takes but one bite of a Mudgie's Brooklyn sandwich loaded with roasted brisket, Sriracha beer cheese, and maple-glazed onions to crown the Corktown institution the king of Michigan sandwiches.
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6 Unexpected Cities for the Food Lover
by Nancy Gupton, National Geographic, Jan. 12, 2017
…Wait, Detroit? Yes. The city better known as a center for automakers and manufacturing is revving its culinary motors.
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52 Places to Go in 2017
New York Times, Jan. 8, 2017
…Detroit’s revitalization, after its 2013 bankruptcy filing, has long been building. In 2015, it was named a Unesco City of Design. But 2017 may be the year promise becomes reality.
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Rust Belt's not just a political force _ it's a destination
by Beth Harpaz, Associated Press, Dec. 20, 2016
Here's why tourists should take the Rust Belt as seriously as politicians: Because the food, art and sightseeing in "flyover country" is well worth your precious vacation days — not to mention cheaper than in trendier destinations.
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Visitors find Michigan's largest city transformed
by Katherine Rodeghier, Daily Herald, Dec. 9, 2016
…Few cities suffered more from the Great Recession than Michigan's biggest, but The D is finding its footing again and visitors are coming back.
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The 26 Hottest Food Cities of 2016
by Zagat Staff, Zagat, Nov. 20, 2016
The Motor City has gone through a lot of, shall we say, changes over the last few decades. Celebrity chef and James Beard award-winner Michael Symon is often credited with kick-starting the city's food revival when he opened Roast in 2008. Now, Roast alums have opened some of the city’s hottest and most critically acclaimed spots, like Selden Standard, which this year garnered chef Andy Hollyday his second James Beard award nomination.
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5 Industrial Cities Making America’s Rust Belt Shine Again
by Michaela Trimble, Vogue, Nov. 28, 2016
… Shedding its label as Motor City and quickly reimagining its entrepreneurial roots, Detroit is attracting new creative companies like Shinola, a brand that’s reinventing the art of craftsmanship by producing entirely American-built watches and bikes. During a visit, discover the restaurants, bars, and public art facilities shaping Detroit’s future.

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One-Tank Trips: Detroit parade a Thanksgiving blessing
by Jim Fox, London Free Press, Nov. 18, 2016
They say that “everyone loves a parade” and this one marking the U.S. Thanksgiving Thursday in Detroit is certainly no exception. It’s been around for 90 years and recognized as one of the best parades in the country.
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Giving chains: Holiday customers enjoy paying it forward
by Melissa Dutton, Associated Press, Nov. 15, 2016
Lisa Ludwinski expects to sell more pie at her Detroit bakery during the holiday season, and not just to people enjoying it themselves. She anticipates that customers will buy pieces of pie for strangers through the shop's "Pie-it-Forward" program.
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22 Must-Visit Hockey Towns in North America
by Jennifer Cuellar,, Nov. 11, 2016
When you talk about hockey legacy, you’re talking Detroit. The city’s team, the Detroit Red Wings, have the second-highest Stanley Cup Final appearances in the league. If you attend a playoff game, look out for flying octopi. It’s a tradition to hurl dead octopuses on the ice for good luck. And if you need to warm up after the game, know that there’s a bowl of hot chili calling your name at Cheli’s Chili Bar.
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Tour Detroit's historic Eastern Market
by Terri Peterson Smith, USA Today, Nov. 1, 2016
Every Saturday as many as 45,000 visitors come together in search of fresh food and fun at Detroit's famous Eastern Market.
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Scared of Detroit?
by Bill Clevlen, Rediscover America Magazine, November 2016
The news couldn't be more timely as I sit down to write about a recent visit to Detroit, Michigan.
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Craft your perfect Michigan Escape
by Steven Gillick, Dreamscapes Magazine, Fall/Winter 2016
… In Kalamazoo, we chatted with cicerones, also known as beer sommeliers, who perfect the pairing of craft beer with food, and finally we journeyed to the incredibly revitalized downtown area of Detroit to experience the amazing food and drink scene.
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On the Water in Michigan
by Ashley Ricks, The Group Travel Leader, Oct. 27, 2016
…With the growing popularity of Great Lakes cruising, Detroit is becoming a waterfront hub, ideally situated on the St. Clair River passage between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. The city is also undergoing a riverfront revitalization project.
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Detroit, Where it All Began
by Steve Kirchner, Byways Magazine, Oct. 25, 2016
It could be argued that without Detroit, there would have been no need for Great American Roads. For certainly the history of the automobile is forever tied to this Midwestern city.
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Eye Candy: Culture…Not Calories
by Janet Steinberg, The Travel Authority, Oct. 24, 2016
Some of the most delicious treats I tasted in Detroit, Michigan were served up to me wherever I turned in Motor City. And, like all candies, they came in a variety of flavors and colors. However, there were no calories in these candies. I call those treats my eye candy.
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The Thriving Arab American Community of Dearborn, Michigan
by Lori Erickson,, Oct. 24, 2016
It was only after I got home and really studied this picture that I realized how symbolic it is. The Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan, is the largest mosque in the United States. The building sits in the middle of several churches in a prosperous Detroit suburb. And it’s got a large American flag flying in front of it.
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Colorful and Free Art Highlights the NEW Detroit MI
by Diana Lambdin Meyer,, Oct. 14, 2016
When Detroit, Michigan was struggling with its financial issues and coming out of bankruptcy, civic and community leaders developed a number of low-cost, high-impact projects to improve their neighborhoods. In many places, all that was needed was a gallon of paint. Or two.
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“D” is for…
by Janet Steinberg, The Travel Authority, Oct. 11, 2016
The letter “D” can stand for many things…direction, dining, diversity and discovery, to name a few. In the case of Detroit, Michigan, the letter “D” stands for all of the above. “The D” not only stands for one of several nicknames for Detroit, but it also stands for the city’s Direction.
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Made in Motor City: Flavors only found in Detroit
by Devorah Lev-Tov, USA Today, Oct. 10, 2016
The city of Detroit has undergone many changes over the last few years and its food scene is no exception. While venerated institutions and time-honored specialties remain strong, new American dining has also gained a foothold, with star chef Michael Symon planting his flag in the Motor City.
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Exploring revitalized Detroit's history and future
by Jayne Cannon, The Tennessean, Oct. 9, 2016
Here’s a quick way to get a feel for Detroit in 2016. First, stop for lunch at a place in Midtown, on the corner of Second and Canfield. Walk into Traffic Jam and Snug at noon, and the first thing you’ll do is adjust your eyes from the midday sun to the low light of the restaurant.
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Detroit – Eastern Market Foodie Tours
by Becky Linhardt October 2016
Foodies have discovered Detroit’s Eastern Market, a regional purveyor for ethnic flavors and fresh foods for over 100 years. Chefs, grocers, and specialty meat markets have sourced items from the wholesale areas for over 100 years, arriving early in the morning to make their selections. However, not everyone can buy in bulk, by the dozens or bushels.
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2 Girls Who Travel Visit Detroit – “Comeback City”
by Kimberly Floyd and Valerie Jones, Operation D Mars, Sept. 26, 2016
Okay, so take any preconceived notions you may have about Detroit … and throw them out the window! Seriously, from the moment we jumped in our Uber from the airport, we learned that Detroit wasn’t playing about their newest nickname, “Comeback City.”
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Detroit is America’s great comeback story
by Jennifer Bain, Toronto Star, Sept. 10, 2016
You will feel the energy as soon as you get off the plane at Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s McNamara Terminal and make your way through an underground tunnel exploding with a colour-changing light and sound show.
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8 classic and cutting edge Detroit experiences
by Jennifer Bain, Toronto Star, Sept. 10, 2016
Car and music lovers don’t need help finding their way around Motor City. But if you’re coming here for the first time, like I did on a six-day trip, you will want to experience everything.
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9 souvenirs to bring home from Detroit
by Jennifer Bain, Toronto Star, Sept. 10, 2016
The story of souvenirs is also the story of where to shop. Here are nine things to bring home from Motor City.
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Soul Food Sunday at Ms. E-Vee’s
by Kimberly Floyd and Valerie Jones, Operation D Mars, Sept.5, 2016
You can take the girls out the south, but you can’t take the south out the girls! During our trip to Detroit, we decided that Sunday was officially “soul food Sunday” and we had to find the perfect restaurant for two southern girls who know good soul food. So we took to the internet to see what was out there and yes, there are quite a few restaurants in Detroit that specialize in soul food.
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Middle Eastern Bakeries Meet the Midwest
by David Hammond, Plate Magazine, Sept. 4, 2016
…Though Detroit’s automobile industry has declined significantly since the 1970s, Stiffler notes that “the community was so well established by the 1980s that chain migration from Lebanon, Yemen, and Palestine continued to grow the community. In fact, the city of Dearborn is one of the only municipalities in Wayne County (the county that includes Detroit) that gained population between 2000 and 2010.” As Arab émigrés continue to arrive, they bring their memories of—and recipes for—the foods of their homelands.
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An Arab food tour of Dearborn, Michigan
by Jennifer Bain, Toronto Star, Sept. 3, 2016
Most people associate Dearborn with Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford since he was born near here, but food lovers know this Metro Detroit city as a mecca for Arab food.
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A Detroit Native’s Guide to the City
by David Weiss, Newsweek, August 23, 2016
…So if you don’t mind flannel-clad hordes sipping double-digit, free-range lattes but like the idea of visiting a city oozing with history and an increasingly buffed-out urban grittiness, Detroit might just be the new Berlin.
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10 Reasons Detroit rocks for family vacations
by Cortney Fries, Chicago Parent, August 24, 2016
Despite the unfavorable impression some may have in their minds about Detroit, it is a city making a big comeback. Honestly, everyone I told that we were headed to the D wrinkled their nose and asked why. I’ll tell you why--because it seriously rocks.
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Outdoor Wonders of Detroit, Wander with Wonder
by Teresa Bergen, Wander with Wonder, August 1, 2016
… I was thoroughly ignorant about the fun outdoor activities Detroit has to offer. During my four days there, I got to spend a good deal of time outdoors, and meet some of the entrepreneurs dedicated to getting visitors and locals onto the (surprisingly clean) river and bike paths. Here are some of the best ways to get outdoors in Detroit.
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Detroit Revival and Power of Art
by Mirei Sato, US FrontLine Magazine, August 2016
Detroit is coming back. Back to Detroit.
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If you’re not turned on by Detroit’s new energy, you’d better check your pulse
by Robin Soslow, The Dallas Morning News, July 19, 2016
Boom and bloom have shattered the Motor City's gloom-and-doom reputation. Super-charged vital signs include a white-hot urban art scene, homegrown jazz, R&B, funk and electronic virtuosos, sensational bargain-priced food, coffee and craft beer, a fresh new riverfront, a greenway where lush foliage competes with street art-splashed concrete slabs, new urban bike and kayak tours, and friendly residents excited to share their cultural riches.
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Three Good Motor City Choices for Vegetarians
by Teresa Bergen, Real Food Traveler, July 18, 2016
… But vegetarians and vegans need not fear starving in the Motor City. In fact, if you keep your eyes open and exercise some caution, it’s a fun and fascinating city with plenty of good things to eat.
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We’re Diggin’ Detroit as a Dog-Friendly Travel Destination
by Terri Peterson Smith, Dogster Magazine, July 15, 2016
Think of a place where you can do everything you love on vacation – a dog-friendly destination that offers a chance to explore the great outdoors, art, shopping, dining and friendly people. I’ll bet Detroit isn’t the first place that comes to mind.
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Detroit’s Traffic Jam and Snug—a 50-year locavore diner & home of Michigan’s oldest brewpub
by Tom Wilmer, KCBD FM Central Coast Public Radio, July 8, 2016
Midtown Detroit’s Traffic Jam and Snug restaurant has remained as an extremely popular dining destination and an industry trendsetter for more than 50 years.
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MotorCities National Heritage Area--exploring southeast Michigan’s automotive history
by Tom Wilmer, KCBD FM Central Coast Public Radio, July 7, 2016
The MotorCities National Heritage Area is a non-profit organization dedicated to historic preservation and heritage tourism for the automotive industry in southeast Michigan.
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Baseball—a most social and stats driven game—a conversation with Detroit Tigers' Ron Colangelo
by Tom Wilmer, KCBD FM Central Coast Public Radio, July 6, 2016
Join correspondent Tom Wilmer reporting from Detroit, Michigan at Comerica Park, the home of the Detroit Tigers.
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The Detroit Zoo’s new Penguinarium—one of the world’s foremost Penguin habitats
by Tom Wilmer, KCBD FM Central Coast Public Radio, July 1, 2016
Penguins have resided at the Detroit Zoo since the late 1960s but in the spring of 2016 they were ushered in to a new cutting-edge, 33,000 square-foot facility that is ranked as one of the world’s foremost Penguin habitats.
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Detroit dining scores big with Corktown's comeback
by Amy S. Eckert, Chicago Tribune, July 1, 2016
Detroit's hottest new restaurant, Katoi, is in an old auto mechanic shop, a boxy, whitewashed, cinder-block building that's easy to miss. No matter. Detroit's food-savvy crowds have found Katoi. Most evenings, you'll find them standing in a line that stretches out the door, happily waiting their turn for a meal of creative, Thai-inspired food in the city's resurging Corktown neighborhood.
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Detroit is dancing to a brand-new beat
by Maria Lenhart, Meetings Today, July 2016
…Detroit pulsates with positive energy these days, with new residential and commercial structures going up and abandoned structures, many of them beautiful examples of 19th and early 20th century architecture, being restored and repurposed.
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On the Scene: Detroit
by Maria Lenhart, Meetings Today, July 2016
From the Model T to the Mustang, the remarkable automotive legacy of Henry Ford lives on just outside Detroit in Dearborn, Mich. Here is where The Henry Ford, a complex showcasing the inventor’s achievements as well as his massive collection of Americana that includes everything from JFK’s presidential limousine to the bus where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, provides fascinating places to visit and hold events.
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Detroit, Where it All Began
by Steve Kirchner, Byways Magazine, July 2016
It could be argued that without Detroit, there would have been no need for Great American Roads. For certainly the history of the automobile is forever tied to this Midwestern city.
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World’s hottest destinations for vegans
by Travis Levius, CNN, June 30, 2016
Perhaps the most surprising on this list, the beleaguered city is undergoing a resurgence in both its economy and vegan eating options. At the forefront of this local dining revolution is the acclaimed Detroit Vegan Soul -- the city's first 100% vegan soul cafe -- kickstarted by partners Kirsten Ussery-Boyd and Erika Boyd.
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Detroit’s comeback gives travelers plenty to love
by Roberta Soslow The Roanoke Times, June 26, 2016
…He’s right. Detroit has roared to life, revived by resilient citizen-visionaries fueled by creativity and love for their city. There’s just way too much to enjoy for a long weekend.
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The Rust Belt heats up as a hot travel spot
CBS This Morning: Saturday, June 25, 2016
The Rust Belt is casting off its gritty reputations and drawing artists, techies and foodies. Jennifer Flowers, deputy editor of "Afar" magazine joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to explain what areas in America's industrial heartland you should for your next vacation.
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Detroit’s Past Meets the Future—Henry Ford’s circa-1904 Factory and 21st Century F-150's Assembly
by Tom Wilmer, KCBD FM Central Coast Public Radio, June 22, 2016
Correspondent Tom Wilmer reports from Detroit Michigan at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, Henry Ford’s first purpose-built auto assembly factory constructed in 1904--This where the Model T was born and sparked the advent of the age of the automobile.
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A Visit to “Hitsville U.S.A.” Birthplace of the Detroit--Motown Sound
by Tom Wilmer, KCBD FM Central Coast Public Radio, June 20, 2016
Join Correspondent Tom Wilmer in Detroit, Michigan at Hitsville U.S.A., the birthplace of Motown Records. The Motown Sound— It’s been described as a marriage of saintly and secular music, melding the syncopation and improvisation of the jazz be-bop movement.
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From sports to the arts to the auto industry, Motown is drawing a new generation of fans
by Wayne Newton, London Free Press, June 16, 2016
The exodus is over. Let the pilgrimage begin. Welcome to Detroit, where an image of urban gardens, riverfront cycling, and warehouse lofts inhabited by hip 20-somethings is beginning to erase one of burned-out homes and the urban porn of once-grand buildings left in ruins.
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Empowering Detroit’s Graffiti/Calligraphic Art Movement
by Tom Wilmer, KCBD FM Central Coast Public Radio, June 9, 2016
Join Correspondent, Tom Wilmer reporting from Detroit, Michigan for an exploration of street Murals and Graffiti/Calligraphic art with Matthew Eaton, co-owner of Library Street Collective Gallery, and Derek Weaver, founder of Detroit’s Grand River Creative Corridor and the 4731 Gallery.
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Loving Thy Neighbor in Detroit
by Teresa Bergen, Catholic Travel Blog, June 7, 2016
Before visiting Detroit, I’d heard that the industrial Midwestern city was fighting hard to come back from blight, inspiring both local and imported artists and entrepreneurs to dream up new projects. But I wasn’t expecting the heightened sense of collaboration.
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Detroit, City of Big Ideas
by Henning Kretschmer, Revista de Viajes, May 2016
Detroit was founded in 1701 by the official French Antoine of the Mothe Cadillac and baptized originally as Fort Pontchartrain the Detroit, in reference to the narrow of water or river Detroit that separates Canada from United States and joins to them Lake Saint Clare and Erie. "Detroit" simply want to say "close" in French.
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Top 5 at Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles in Detroit
by Andrew Dobson,, May 27, 2016
…Knowing that Detroit had a vibrant African American community I set out to research the very best spot to enjoy Sunday brunch. We drove north of the downtown core, hair flying in the wind as we soared over zig zagging freeways in search of Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles.
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Top 5 at Slows Bar BQ in Detroit
by Andrew Dobson,, May 26, 2016
Slows Bar BQ opened on a mostly-abandoned block at the corner of Michigan and 14th in Detroit in September 2005. The concept was immediately a smash hit, featuring a hip interior paired with a gourmet spin on barbecue cooked fresh every day, a love of craft beer and a dedication to community.
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Top 5 at Selden Standard in Detroit
by Andrew Dobson,, May 25, 2016
…Selden Standard was awarded restaurant of the year in 2015 by the Detroit Free Press and in 2016 by Hour Detroit. Two time James Beard semi-finalist Chef Andy Hollyday’s food features flavors born in local farms, captured at the peak of the season, prepared in a wood-fired oven, and served small plates-style in perfectly shareable portions.
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Top 15 Things to See and Do in Detroit
by Andrew Dobson,, May 23, 2016
…As a seasoned traveler I’ve learned to love the ugly duckling. If someone tell’s me “don’t go there,” my impulse is to prove them wrong and on my recent visit to Detroit this story rang true.
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8 Street Art Hot Spots in Detroit
by Carrie Nieman Culpepper, Architectural Digest, May 9, 2016
Detroit has become a mecca for artists and entrepreneurs thanks to cheap real estate and plenty of space to bring creativity to life, so it’s no surprise that a flurry of new murals and public art projects are enlivening run-down corners downtown.
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Free Family Things to Do in Detroit
by Judy Antell, Traveling Mom, May 3, 2016
As the American car industry comes out of the doldrums, the automotive headquarters, Detroit, Michigan, continues to improve as a family destination. It is also budget-friendly, with a host of free family-friendly activities.
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Championing for its City as a Leading Convention, Business, and Tourism Destination
by Elisha Neubauer,, May 2016
Detroit is a Mecca of food and fun, and the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau wants to ensure tourists and residents alike enjoy every minute of it.
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Why Detroit Should Be Your Next Long Weekend Getaway
by Kevin Conley, Town & Country, April 28, 2016
…If there's a moniker that fits now, it's Cuba of the North. Like the one time Pearl of the Antilles, Detroit is starting to emerge from decades of economic privation with an entrepreneurial energy that's reshaping the landscape.
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Discovering Detroit – Fun for the Entire Family,
by Robin Brendlinger,, April 26, 2016
I’ll admit, I’m a bit biased toward the west side of the Mitten; the beach towns along Lake Michigan are pretty hard to pass up when considering travel within the state. However, our spring break this year took us to the east side of the state – The D. As a Michigan native I had been to Detroit a few times – a school trip to Greenfield Village, a visit to the Detroit Auto Show prompted by my car-fanatic husband. This is pretty much the extent of it, until now.
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Five Cities That Are Leading the Way in Urban Innovation
by Michael Totty , The Wall Street Journal, April 21, 2016
Detroit, which emerged from bankruptcy in 2014, doesn’t have a lot of money for revitalizing all of its neglected areas. So it is trying something more radical: setting aside areas where normal development rules don’t apply.
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LEGOS® Galore at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Michigan
by Robin Brendlinger,, April 11, 2016
Need to get your LEGO® fix? LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Michigan is the place to find it! Opened in late March 2016 at the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Michigan is a two-to-three-hour experience that offers several interactive and educational features. This is Michigan’s only location and the eighth of its kind in the United States.
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After Being in the Red, Detroit Goes Green
by Dana McMahan, Chicago Tribune, April 5, 2016
Picture a green city that's home to 1,400 urban gardens and a massive forest. A riverfront bike path connects with a transformed railway leading to the country's largest historic public market district. Restaurants dish up produce grown within city limits, and visitors stumble upon hidden pocket parks.
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Detroit Offers an Urban Lifestyle With Affordable Luxury Homes
by Amy Gamerman, The Wall Street Journal, March 11, 2016
...Detroit is living up to it 1805 motto—“Resurget cineribus”—as it rises from the ashes. Corporate investment, tax credits for developers, and federal funding are helping erase decades of blight. Thousands of jobs have been created and moved downtown since 2010, with the arrival of Quicken Loans, Blue Cross Blue Shield MI, and new tech startups.
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The 20 Best Things to do in Detroit
by Jonathan Thompson, Feb. 5, 2016
From top museums to major attractions to Motown history, these are the best things to do in Detroit, Michigan.
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Hot Cities for Cool Downtown Meetings
by Holly Woolard, Smart Meetings, February 1, 2016
…Downtown meetings in Detroit are cool because attendees have the opportunity to be part of the comeback of the city and experience firsthand all the exciting changes taking place. They can see the construction of the new M-1 Rail streetcar along Woodward Avenue; dine in one of the nearly 100 new restaurants that have opened in the past two years; see the progress being made at the District Detroit and the new Detroit Events Center; shop at the many unique retailers downtown; and stay at one of the new or historic downtown hotels.
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Black History Month Travel Destinations
by Stephanie Citron, The Baltimore Sun, January 29, 2016
From the early 1800s through the Civil War, Detroit played a major role in the Underground Railroad. The famous meeting between abolitionists Frederick Douglass and John Brown happened here. Industrialist Henry Ford was the first to hire African-Americans for the automobile assembly line and paid them an unprecedented (at the time) $5 a day.
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Shinola Takes Its ‘Detroit Cool’ Message on the Road
by Alex Willems, New York Times, Jan. 6, 2016
…Things are changing. The blocks surrounding Shinola’s hangarlike retail outpost are now brimming with Brooklynesque designer housewares shops, selvage-jeans boutiques and farm-to-table restaurants, to the point that the upper Cass Corridor has become “the luxury retail mecca of Midtown Detroit,” as Curbed Detroit put it, “basically Shinola City.”
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Detroit is UNESCO's First Official 'City of Design'
by Melissa Locker, Travel + Leisure, Jan. 6, 2016
The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture, better known as UNESCO, has just designated Detroit as the first “City of Design” in the United States.
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One of the country’s poorest cities is suddenly becoming a food mecca
by Mark Guarino, The Washington Post, Jan. 5, 2016
… Detroit is in the midst of a culinary transformation. Rock-bottom housing stock and an emerging generation of young restaurateurs and chefs settling in to experiment have brought new restaurants, breweries, tasting rooms, cocktail bars, pop-up events and quirky lunch spots promising nutritious food — in neighborhoods where the only option to eat had previously been fast food.
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Top Travel Destinations of 2016
by Lara Spencer, Good Morning America, Jan. 1, 2016
Yahoo Travel Editor-in-Chief, Laura Begley Bloom, shares her list of amazing and affordable vacation spots.
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The 14 places in America you have to visit in 2016
by Jamie Ditaranto, USA Today, Dec. 31, 2015
…Detroit is a rapidly changing city. In 2016, it's all about learning and family fun with the opening of a new Legoland, a comprehensive Beatles exhibit, and an expansion to the Sea Life Michigan Aquarium.
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Here are the best places to travel to in the US for 2016
NBC TODAY Show, Dec. 30, 2015
TODAY's Natalie Morales speaks with Travel + Leisure's special projects editor Jacqui Gifford about what up and coming destinations should be on your travel list for 2015, including Bozeman, Montana and Asbury Park, New Jersey.
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See the Incredible Detroit Renaissance!
by Meredith Heuer, Budget Travel, Dec 14, 2015
Detroit is in the midst of a comeback unlike that of any other major American city, including more than 70 new restaurants in two years, gorgeous adaptive re-use of historic hotels and other buildings, and the revitalization of its riverfront. Here, a look at the people and places that are writing the city’s next chapter.
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The 13 hottest American cities for 2016
by Melissa Stanger and Madeline Stone, Business Insider, Dec. 4, 2015
…But a group of young, motivated Detroiters have also been influential in turning the city around: They've been revitalizing the real-estate market, boosting tourism, and investing in local companies. Local residents are already noticing that home prices are on the rise.
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Best Places to Travel in 2016
by Travel + Leisure Staff, Travel + Leisure, Dec. 1, 2015
In a few short years, Detroit has gone from being a cautionary tale to a success story, and now bills itself as “America’s Great Comeback City.”
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The Best Meals in Motor City: A Newcomers Guide to Detroit
by Samantha Lande, Food Network, November 2015
Find out where to dine in Detroit, from tried-and-true classics to inventive new Motor City must-tries.
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Detroit Renaissance
by Amy French, Roaming Historian, November 15, 2015
A tale of interdependence and individualism that embodies Detroit.
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Reviving Detroit Through Fashion
by Jason Flowers, Atlanta Daily World, October 14, 2015
As Detroit has been dubbed America’s comeback city, nine fashion designers are making an indelible mark on the city’s revival through their fashion brands.
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10 Things That Will Change Your Mind About Detroit
by Carri Wilbanks, YAHOO! Traveler, October 8, 2015
Detroit is on the rise, and there are plenty of exciting reasons to visit now.
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Prohibition-style Speakeasies Still Entice
by Susan B. Barnes, USA Today, October 6, 2015
The Mongo family ran speakeasies in Detroit long before Prohibition until 1985, when their first club opened with a legal liquor license.
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[Eat, Play, Stay] A Luxe Guide to Detroit, Michigan
by Nyssa Chopra, The Cultureur, October 4, 2015
Attracting a steady stream of creative visionaries, intellectual minds, and entrepreneurial spirits, Detroit is a breeding ground for innovation and a treasure trove of cultural and historical gems.
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Business Leaders in the News
Detroit Free Press, October 4, 2015
The Wayne County Airport Authority was awarded the 2015 William F. McLaughlin Hospitality Award for Service Excellence at the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau’s 21st annual Recognition of Service
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Farmington Hills Woman Wins Hospitality Award
by Joni Hubred-Golden, Farmington Voice, October 3, 2015
Farmington Hills resident Kathy Means-Lake was recognized September 23 at the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau (DMCVB) Recognition of Service Excellence (ROSE) Awards.
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101 Reasons to Travel Now: Urban Finds
by my Alipio and Jennifer Barger, National Geographic, October 2015
Detroit’s Midtown hood lures “eds and meds” from the nearby college and hospital with made-here watches and high-end bicycles (Shinola), quirky crafts (City Bird), and local beer (Motor City Brewing Works).
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Food Entrepreneur Erin Sabo, a Pop up Chef in Detroit
by Nyssa Chopra, The Cultureur, September 30, 2015
On my recent experiential luxury tour through Detroit, I had requested the Visit Detroit office to facilitate meetings with a few pop up chefs in the city to hear more about how the city’s food scene is evolving and changing and to learn about the enterprising work that the city’s movers and shakers are doing to drive the city forward.
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The Westin Book Cadillac, a Luxury Hotel in Detroit
by Nyssa Chopra, The Cultureur, September 27, 2015
Like many buildings in the Motor City, The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit has experienced the soaring highs and humbling lows of the city and boasts a history that spans decades.
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Dead but Still Alive
by David DeVoss, September 26, 2015
The biggest and by far the best look at Kahlo and Rivera was at the Detroit Institute of Arts.
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The Henry, a Luxury Boutique Hotel in Detroit
by Nyssa Chopra, The Cultureur, September 20, 2015
As a member of Marriott’s Autograph Collection Hotels and housed in the former Ritz-Carlton building, The Henry is a four-star hotel nestled in the greater Detroit area in Dearborn and located only a few minutes from the Henry Ford Museum and Ford Motors Headquarters.
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MGM Grand, a Luxury Casino Resort Hotel in Detroit
by Nyssa Chopra, The Cultureur, September 13, 2015
MGM Grand Detroit is a AAA Four-Diamond luxury casino resort hotel in the heart of downtown Detroit.
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Your Layover Guide to Detroit (DTW)
by Michele Herrmann, The Points Guy, Sept. 10, 2015
In just over a decade, Detroit Wayne County Metropolitan Airport (DTW) has undergone a major renaissance, with two recently built terminals and a multi-phase redevelopment of the Edward H. McNamara Terminal’s food/beverage area currently underway.
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How To Appreciate Detroit’s Masculine Appeal
by Linda Clarke, Boston Globe Sept. 5, 2015
The Spirit of Detroit is masculine — at least the bronze statue with that name, created by Marshall Fredericks in 1958 and located on Woodward Avenue, is male — and many would agree Detroit is kind of a guy’s kind of town. Take one of the city’s main attractions, The Henry Ford Museum. It’s filled with engines (there’s a rumor guys are into engines).
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Creativity Powering Detroit’s Slow Rebound From The Rubble
by Christopher Muther, Boston Globe, Sept. 5, 2015
I begin most travel stories as an observer who is casually embedded at some hot spot with a slick crowd. I tend to people watch (polite euphemism for crudely gawk at locals) in a restaurant with an ardent following, a new cultural institution, or a must-see market. Not this time.
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Inside Detroit’s Downtown Renaissance
by Laurel Herman, Prevue, Sept. 4, 2015
The American Society for Association Executives (ASAE) rolled into Detroit last month to find a city in the midst of a restoration that is worthy of its storied 314-year history of innovation. The conference took place at the $279 million-enhanced Cobo Center, beautifully situated on the Detroit River, with a wide selection of hotels hosting the ASAE’s 5,000 attendees.
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Hotel Intel: The Inn on Ferry Street, Detroit
by Maggie Parker, Paste, Sept. 1, 2015
Detroit is the last place you’d expect to find a romantic inn made up of beautifully restored Victorian houses. But, with so much unoccupied land and the former homes of oil and motor magnates just waiting to be restored, it actually makes sense.
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Midwest: Across This Region, Planners Are Finding Huge Possibilities For Group Travel
by Alex Palmer, Successful Meetings, September 2015
When it comes to cities that are quickly adding to their meetings offerings, groups need look no further than Detroit, where the massive Cobo Center just wrapped up a $279 million renovation. The Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center also just underwent a $30 million renovation, and a new Aloft hotel opened downtown at the end of last year.
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BBQ Joints Worth Planning Your Trip Around
by Carri Wilbanks and Becca Blond, Better Homes and Garden, September 2015
While some states, like Texas (specifically Austin, which many regard as the birthplace of BBQ), get a lot of credit for their smoked and seasoned meats and sides, the reality is there are good barbecue joints on both sides of the Mississippi and as far north as Canada. From Toronto to Santa Fe, Washington, D.C. to Austin, here are our picks for unique barbecue in North America. Prepare to get your hands dirty.
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Detroit Gets Back Into Gear
by Susan Jacobs, Smart Meetings, Sept. 2015
Everyone loves a success story, which is why the 5,401 attendees at the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) annual meeting and exposition Aug. 8–11 applauded the choice of Detroit as host city.
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Aloft Hotel At The David Whitney Is The Palace Of Downtown Detroit
by Catherine Dawson March, Globe and Mail, Aug. 21, 2015
If you haven’t been to Detroit in a while, you probably should. A lot’s changed and it hasn’t even been a year since the city pulled itself out of bankruptcy
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Detroit Hosts 5,400 for ASAE’s Annual Meeting, Aug. 18, 2015
More than 5,400 association professionals and industry partners attended the 2015 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition, August 8–11, in Detroit. Attendees participated in more than 130 education sessions, networked in the exhibit hall and took part in Detroit Destination Tours and EduTours.
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Newly Renovated Cobo Center Plans For Busy Future
by Lauren Abdel-Razzaq, Washington Times, Aug. 17, 2015
With a $279 million renovation wrapping up, Cobo Center is hitting its stride. The convention center, which at one point was a $21 million drain annually on city finances, has fought back to near profitability and brought in some large conventions this summer.
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Limelight Shines on Detroit with 5,300 Attendees at 2015 ASAE Annual Meetings & Exposition
by Rachel Wimberly, Trade Show News Network, Aug. 13, 2015
Detroit recently savored the long-overdue limelight when 5,300 attendees took in all that the city has to offer at the 2015 American Society of Association Executives’ (ASAE) 2015 Annual Meeting & Exposition, held Aug. 8-11 at the newly renovated Cobo Center.
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#ASAE15: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
by Sue Pelletier,, Aug. 12, 2015
…I have an all-too-long list of things I want to do a deep dive into that came out of this conference, but here are a few of my favorite things to get the ball rolling, in chronological order.
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Detroit Gets (Mostly) Rave Reviews From Influential ASAE
by Tom Walsh, Detroit Free Press, Aug. 11, 2015
The association of folks who plan conventions for a living is having its big annual gathering in Detroit, and the city is getting mostly upbeat reviews three days into what some have dubbed the "Super Bowl of trade shows."
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Detroit on the Rise: A Comeback City
by Susan Jacobs, Smart Meetings, Aug. 11, 2015
Smart Meetings caught up with Larry Alexander, president and CEO of Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau, at American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)’s annual meeting and exposition in downtown Detroit’s Cobo Center on Aug. 10.
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Detroit Shows Off Its Best For Visiting Meeting Planners
by Sherri Welch, Crain’s Detroit Business, Aug. 11, 2015
From The Parade Co.’s papier-mâché Big Heads at the airport to legends of Motown performing at an opening night ceremony Saturday and water taxi rides on the Detroit River, the city is pulling out all the stops to welcome the 5,300 attendees in town for the American Society of Association Executives’ annual conference.
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Detroit’s Renovated Cobo Center Hosts First Major Convention: ASAE Annual Meeting
by Matt Alderton, Successful Meetings, Aug. 11, 2015
A lot of bad things happened during the Great Recession. One good thing that happened, however, was the launch of a six-year, $279 million renovation of the Cobo Center in downtown Detroit.
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ASAE 2015 on a Roll in Motor City
by Sue Pelletier, MeetingsNet, Aug. 10 2015
But Detroit, as personified by both its CVB president And CEO Larry Alexander and the local hospitality community who are out in force welcoming the American Society of Association Executives Annual Conference and Exposition August 8–11, has its pedal to the metal in its efforts to show that the city has what it takes to host a conference of this magnitude.
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10 Things to do in Detroit
by Carri Wilbanks, Catch Carri, Aug. 9, 2015
It’s hard to think “Detroit” and picture green urban spaces, organic coffee shops and gourmet restaurants, but the Motor City is undergoing a revitalization that could put it on the map as a hip city to visit this year. While most of the population fled following riots in the 1940s, leaving Detroit in an almost post-apocalyptic state, ambitious entrepreneurs and young professionals are slowly moving back and sparking positive change in the community.
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Detroit Welcomes ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition, Aug. 7, 2015
Thousands of association executives from all over the country will arrive in Detroit August 8 for the three-day American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Annual Meeting & Exposition at Cobo Center.
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Great Getaways: Detroit & Western Michigan
by Michele Hermann, Budget Travel Blog, Aug. 5, 2015
Detroit may be called America's Comeback City, but there are other words to describe its recent revitalization: cultural, culinary, and community. The Motor City has welcomed in some new additions alongside long-time favorites to further bring back its vitality. Here's how to make the most of your trip.
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Where To Get Quirky In Detroit
by Connie Hum, Shermans Travel, Aug. 5, 2015
Detroit is no stranger to economic downturns, but in true Motor City spirit, Detroit never took it lying down — and it has no plan to start now. If anything, these challenges have only provided a fertile landscape for artists and other creatives to make a splash in Michigan’s most populous city. The end result is something inspiringly inventive, truly unique, and disarmingly unorthodox. Here’s where to go for a quirky dose of art, history, and — of course — food and drink in Detroit.
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Newly renovated Cobo plans for busy future
by Lauren Abdel-Razzaq, Detroit News, Aug. 3, 2015
With a $279 million renovation wrapping up, Cobo Center is hitting its stride. The convention center, which at one point was a $21 million drain annually on city finances, has fought back to near profitability and brought in some large conventions this summer. The center is poised for its best year since the Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority took over operations at the struggling venue from the city at the end of 2009.
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ASAE Wraps in Detroit
by Tyler Davidson, Meetings Focus, August 2015
The 2015 ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo is ready to wrap up Tuesday in Detroit, attracting some 5,300 attendees to the Motor City for this year’s big show.
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Detroit: Rebuilding and ready for a comeback
by Susan B. Barnes, USA Today, July 27, 2015
At first glance during a visit to downtown Detroit, signs of rebuilding and regrowth are evident and all around: Sleek, new condo buildings are sprouting up, a railway is being built through the center of the city, historic theaters are undergoing major renovations, and there’s an exciting vibe that you can feel when visiting.
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4 Reasons Detroit is poised to be the next Portland
by Juhea Kim, She Knows, July 20, 2015
The last thing you might expect from Detroit might be a hipster city humming with its own rhythm and energy, poised to become the next Portland or Austin, but that's exactly what I found on a whirlwind trip to Motor City. Visiting Detroit, you’ll find all the urban charm and youthful edginess of those cities, with an added excitement of discovering a hidden gem long before anyone else.
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America’s comeback kid! Motor City revs up for the future with daily Virgin Atlantic flight from London set to put Detroit back on map
by Jenny Coad, The Daily Mail, June 27, 2015
Motor City may no longer throb to the sound of epic manufacturing (though Henry Ford’s factory in Dearborn still churns out one truck a minute), but Detroit is revving up for the future. People are moving back into Downtown, where once-derelict skyscrapers are now hotels; a new railway — the M-1 streetcar — is under construction, and small businesses are bubbling up all over the place.
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An Insider’s Guide to Detroit
by Tracie McMillan, Wall Street Journal, June 19, 2015
Detroit is attracting an influx of creative young professionals and entrepreneurs to its middle- and working-class mix. Businesses leased some 2 million square feet of office space last year in buildings that had been largely abandoned. More than a dozen new restaurants have recently opened, and both designer John Varvatos and Whole Foods have brought upscale retail to this sprawling—and very affordable—city of 700,000.
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Detroit travel tips: Where to go and what to see in 48 hours
by Susan Griffin, The Independent, June 5, 2015
Whether it’s art exhibits, top notch restaurants, places and spaces to walk and go shopping, championship sports games or exploring architecture, Detroit can fill a 48-hour itinerary with impressive ease.
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How does Detroit rank among cities for baseball fans?
by Frank Witsil, Detroit Free Press, June 2, 2015
Baseball is the second-most-followed sport in the United States, which makes Detroit’s rankings in viewership rate, attendance and performance quite remarkable.
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Is Motown Getting Its Groove Back?
by Joe Nocera, The New York Times, June 2, 2015
Tom Kartsotis, the wealthy co-founder of Fossil, has no connection to the Motor City. He lives in Dallas, where he now oversees a handful of ventures he’s invested in. In early 2011, he decided to build a small watch factory that would sell high-quality watches that were priced, as he puts it, “at the entry point of luxury.”
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Meeting Destinations: Expect the Unexpected
by Melanie D.G. Kaplan, Associations Now, June 1, 2015
With recent renovations, construction underway on the M-1 Rail and the new entertainment and retail district and an increase in downtown security, Detroit is easy to sell as a meeting destination. The Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau is helping firsthand in changing perceptions and welcoming visitors and their curiosity.
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Surging Second-Tier Cities
by Machael J. Shapiro, Meetings-Conventions, June 1, 2015
Cobo’s renovation is just one of the driving forces in Detroit’s dramatic reinvention. Convention bookings are up, building of a new entertainment district is underway, new restaurants are thriving and accessibility is easy, making Detroit a significant group meeting destination.
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Detroit: 5 Must-Sees for Music Fans
by Linda Feagler, Ohio Magazine, June 2015
Aside from being home to a variety of popular music events throughout the year, Detroit’s musical history includes Motown Records, jazz and classic rock legends, magnificent theater architecture and world-class Broadway.
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SEA LIFE splashes into Great Lakes Crossings
by Renu Saggar, Crossings Magazine, Spring 2015
The largest aquarium in Michigan and the seventh of its kind in the United States, SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium is a 35,000-square foot aquarium with more than 5,000 sea creatures and 250 diverse species plus interactive and educational exhibits. SEA LIFE aims to inspire kids to love the sea and take an active role in its preservation for years to come.
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10 Beautiful Reasons To Visit Detroit NOW
by Michael Slenske, Architectural Digest, May 21, 2015
As inventive restaurants, sleek hotels, and forward-thinking galleries pop up among restored architectural landmarks, Detroit brims with excitement and optimism.
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3 Reason Detroit Is One of the Best Vacation Cities
by Charlene Oldham, GOBanking Rates, May 12, 2015
Considering Detroit was in an official state of financial emergency until late last year, it might seem like an unlikely vacation destination. But its vibrant sports scene, museums, casinos, festivals and other attractions provide plenty of activities for tourists who visit Michigan’s largest city.
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America’s Next Hot Food Cities
Zagat, April 29, 2015
Detroit’s burgeoning culinary scene, fueled by a ballsy, DIY attitude, is ready to hold its own in the national arena.
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Financial Struggles Can’t Slow Detroit’s Energy And Creativity
by Grace Bello, New York Daily News, April 19, 2015
Detroit’s creative and entrepreneurial energy surrounds you, from the art scene to the food scene to the urban renewal projects.
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Value Destinations
by Derek Reveron, The Meetings Magazines, April 1, 2015
Detroit — the comeback city — is today in an enviable position to give lessons on how to turn lemons into lemonade as substantial success stories replace dire tales of bankruptcy and neglect.
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City Spotlight: Detroit
by Matt Swenson, Rejuvenate Magazine, April/May 2015
With its bankruptcy in the rear-view mirror, Detroit is gearing up for what it expects to be an influx of meetings and events making a pit stop in the Motor City.
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Motown Hits
by Amanda Lee,, April 16, 2015
When a city like Detroit hits rock bottom, the only way is up. Now, hip bars, cafés, restaurants, hotels and art are revitalizing “the D.”
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Review of ‘Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit’ at the Detroit Institute of Arts
by Tom Freudenheim, Wall Street Journal, April 7, 2015
…And it is especially fitting that the final production under the DIA’s retiring director, Graham W.J. Beal, should be a celebration of Detroit, whose treasures he fought so valiantly, and successfully, to save for future generations, while also making this the world’s most visitor-friendly museum.
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Tough, Cheap, and Real, Detroit Is Cool Again
by Susan Ager, National Geographic, April 2015
With the nation’s biggest urban bankruptcy in the rearview mirror, the Motor City is attracting investors, innovators, and young adventurers.
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Detroit Tech and Design: The Rebirth of Motor City
by Claire Bullen, The Virgin Atlantic Blog, April 2015
Motown. Motor City. But there’s another nickname that suits Detroit's character best of all, these days: Renaissance City. Certainly, the past 50 years haven’t always been kind to this once-mighty industrial capital. But while Detroit’s fortunes have risen and fallen, thanks to a startling new surge in Detroit tech, in the arts, in design and in independent business, the city is now poised at the start of a brilliant period of regeneration. Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the new Detroit
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Second Act
by Ramona Flume, Austin Monthly, March 2, 2015
It was midnight at the Magic Stick and The Garden Bowl, a bowling alley–dive bar hybrid in Midtown Detroit, and a touring all-girl punk band had just taken the stage. The sound of clanging pins meshed perfectly with their wild, gritty sound, and in between fervent head bangings, I could discern a neon-red “You Can’t Stop Detroit” decal affixed to the lead singer’s guitar strap.
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On Business in Detroit
by William Railton, The Virgin Atlantic Blog, March 2015
With a body built by Henry Ford and the soul of Marvin Gaye, Detroit has a lot to offer business travellers looking for after hours and between meetings diversions. Take a look at our guide to business in Detroit to make the most of your time out of the office.
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Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan
by Mary Hitchings, Traveling Mom, February 26, 2015
A 1950’s style diner that serves soda in a glass bottle, rows of vintage cars in pristine condition, and a retro hotel all in one place? It’s my dream come true and I found it all at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.
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Lights, Camera, Action!
by Mary Casey-Sturk, Great 8 Traveler, February 25, 2015
Bright lights, big fun. Detroit, Michigan is the comeback city and a winter trip is great way to enjoy all this town has to offer—from wonderful architecture to world-class entertainment, sports and museums.
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Behind the Surging Comeback of the Detroit Meetings Market
by Greg Oates, Greg Oates, February 23, 2015
This year, Detroit Metro CVB is anticipating an additional 200,000 visitor arrivals, building on the 14.2 million figure in 2014. Of primary importance for the CVB, the ASAE Annual Meeting takes place in Detroit in August, expected to attract over 6,000 delegates.
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Are You Afraid of Detroit?
by Kerri Allen, Huffington Post Travel, February 18, 2015
Designer Tommey Walker launched the popular Detroit Vs. Everybody apparel line, while a city movement called Don't Be Afraid of Detroit promotes the many good things about one of America's greatest cities.
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Metro Detroit Convention and Visitors Bureau Rolls Out New Marketing Campaign
by Sherri Welch, Crain’s Detroit Business, February 15, 2015
The Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau is rolling out a new marketing campaign urging metro Detroit to put its best face forward as a surge of new events and visitors comes to the region.
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Cars, and New Cobo, Make Detroit Stand Out
by Hil Anderson, Trade Show Executive, February 15, 2015
Five years and nearly $280 million after the ambitious overhaul began, Cobo has become a new jewel among U.S. convention centers and a new option for trade show organizers and meeting planners in the industrial Midwest.
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2015 North American International Auto Show Kicks Off Busy Year for Detroit
by Rachel Wimberly, Trade Show News Network, February 3, 2015
The 2015 North American International Auto Show, which wrapped up recently at Detroit’s Cobo Center and drew more than 800,000 attendees, is just the first big show of many that are headed to the city this year.
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C is for Cars, Cobo – and Competence
by Alexa Stanard, Michigan Meetings + Events, January 22, 2015
I attended the auto show, Charity Preview, last week. I’m embarrassed to say it was my first time at the North American International Auto Show. If you’ve never been, the Charity Preview is a pretty good way to get introduced…We’ve been told for a while now that Detroit is back; that night, it really felt like it.
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Convention Center Renovations Rev Up Auto Show
by Jessica Boudevin, Venues Today, January 20, 2015
Even though it’s a city synonymous with the automobile industry, Detroit was in serious jeopardy of losing the North American International Auto Show. A $279-million renovation and adaptive reuse of existing space not only kept the auto show at Cobo Center, but got the Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) to sign its first multiyear agreement with the facility for five years. The auto show now brings more than 800,000 visitors through Cobo Center over a 14-day period for an economic impact of more than $400 million.
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Rediscovering Detroit: A City Worth Pulling For
by Kitty Bradshaw, Black Enterprise, January 14, 2015
There is so much more to Detroit than what is being reported in the news. While we could dwell on the obvious, the hidden gems and little known facts make this come-back kid worth visiting. Don’t stop believing Detroit.
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Now That Detroit Museum Has Been Saved, Go See It
by Beth Harpaz, New York Times/Associated Press, December 17, 2014
In the end, what saved Detroit's art museum from being sold off painting by painting was a legal pad covered in doodles.
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Go For the Food: Coney Island Hot Dogs in Detroit
by Beth Harpaz, Associated Press, December 16, 2014
To New Yorkers like me, going to Coney means hopping on a Coney Island-bound subway train to an amusement park at the beach. But on a trip to Detroit, I learned that "coney" means something entirely different.
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Vacation in Detroit: Restaurants, Hotels, and Fun Things to do in The Comeback City!
by Kitty Bradshaw,, December 12, 2014
There were so many things that went into the planning of my Detroit trip, including tons of research, precautionary measures, and patience. This was my first visit ever to the state of Michigan and with the focus being on Detroit, I wanted to dig a bit deeper and be able to provide people with first hand encounters beyond what traditional media is providing.
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Let’s Talk About Detroit
by Dalene Heck,, December 2014
Detroit is not on everyone’s travel to-do list, and we get that. It’s hard to ignore what the city has been through, and bad news is always the toughest to shake…Detroit won us over, in part thanks to their enthusiasm. It clearly is one of those places we are thrilled to know now – like an intriguing indie rock-star on the rise – if only to say we-knew-it-back-when. To return in a couple of years (or even next summer for a poutine hot dog) will mean seeing a city that will look strikingly different, and will likely even include having to dodge growing crowds of people.
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Detroit Turns to Meetings as City Officially Emerges from Bankruptcy
by Matt Swenson, Connect, December 2014
Detroit reached a symbolic milestone Wednesday when “America’s Great Comeback City” officially emerged from bankruptcy. The news closes a sad chapter in Detroit’s recent history and opens up avenues for business opportunities, especially for its meetings and events industry.
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Full Throttle on a Motor-Themed Road Trip from Detroit to Milwaukee
by Bekah Wright, Yahoo Travel, November 21, 2014
Sometimes the call to hit the open road can’t be denied. When it struck me, I thought: Where better to heed the siren song than cities known for automobiles and motorcycles? That’s how I landed at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport with three days ahead of me and 370 miles to conquer en route to Milwaukee.
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Detroit: Welcome to ‘Music City’ USA
by Jim Fox, Toronto Sun and other Sun Media publications, November 1, 2014
It’s called the “Motor City,” but Detroit could just as easily be known as the “Music City.”
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Detroit’s Unexpected — and Unexpectedly Moving — Outdoor Art Scene
by Dana McMahan, The Washington Post, October 30, 2014
We bump down an alley, trying to remember how we got to our destination the last time. We’re on a hunt for Hamtramck Disneyland, my favorite place to take visitors to my newly adopted city of Detroit. I like taking out-of-towners — who’ve heard me enthuse about the city’s outdoor art for the past year and a half — to places not packed with Instagram-snapping tourists, where artists don’t emerge from their studios to remind you to tag your photos with their names.
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The 11 Best Coffee Shops in the U.S.
Men’s Journal, Fall 2014
Although Detroit has suffered in the last few years, the former industrial town has retained its creative ability to turn abandoned buildings into writing spaces and art studios. Leave it to a coffee-lover to take advantage of the cheap real estate and set up shop to reenergize city dwellers with some decent coffee. Great Lakes offers iterations of classic coffee drinks, such as the ‘Lavender Latte,' which is heady and aromatic, but still chock full of caffeine.
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Detroit Takes the Title of 'Best Sports Town'
by Nate Scott, USA Today 10 Best, Fall 2014
In our Readers' Choice contest for Best Sports City, Detroit came out of gate strong and fans of the Lions, Tigers, Red Wings and Pistons - as well as IndyCar followers - stayed competitive. It paid off: Detroit has taken the title as Best Sports City in the USA.
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Plymouth and Livonia Leave Lasting Impressions
by Heather Turk, Michigan Meetings + Events, Fall 2014
Looking for a destination that’s both easy to get to and a pleasure to visit? Plymouth and Livonia have you covered. The cities are an easy drive to downtown Detroit, Metro Airport and the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, a top exposition, conference and banquet center.
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Q&A with Bill Bohde, Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau
by Sherri Welch, Crain’s Detroit Business, October 5, 2014
Last week, the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau introduced its third annual "Shop Greater Detroit" campaign for the Canadian market. The campaign — focused on the Ontario cities of Windsor, London, Hamilton and Toronto — includes radio, newspaper and online advertisements meant to attract Canadian consumers.
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Detroit looks to lure more Canadian shoppers who typically turn to Buffalo
by Khalil AlHajal,, September 29, 2014
Last week, the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau introduced its third annual "Shop Greater Detroit" campaign for the Canadian market. The campaign — focused on the Ontario cities of Windsor, London, Hamilton and Toronto — includes radio, newspaper and online advertisements meant to attract Canadian consumers.
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Dashing to Detroit to Wave a Yankee Legend Goodbye
by Kathy Renwald, Toronto Star, September 26, 2014
We are dashing to Detroit in a Dodge Dart, peeling off the late days of August on a pilgrimage to see New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter play the Detroit Tigers one last time before retirement.
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Detroit Visit was a Pleasant Surprise
by Erica Lamberg,, September 14, 2014
Just under 90 minutes by plane and nine hours by car from most points in New Jersey, Detroit offers a blend of history, music and some interesting finds a visitor might find surprising.
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A Week of Awesome Outfits
by Grace Huang, Good House Keeping, September 2014
Actress Judy Greer shows off a few chic and easy looks while strolling through her hometown of Detroit.
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Cultural Treasures and Urban Opportunity Drive Revitalization in the Motor City
by Amy S. Eckert, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Pages 60-68, September 2014
When the Detroit Institute of Arts commissioned Diego Rivera in 1932 to paint two of the museum’s Garden Court walls, Mexico’s mural master agreed. Until he got to Detroit. After a month of touring the city, the Ford Rogue plant and other Detroit industries, Rivera was enthralled. And he asked: Could he paint all four walls instead?
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Taking In A Baseball Game? Here's Where You Should Eat!
by Gav Martell, Yummy Mummy Club, August 27, 2014
Hockeytown Café, 2301 Woodward Avenue. This multi-storied sports restaurant and bar is a Detroit sporting fan's home away from home. Packed with memorabilia, it's just across the street from the ballpark's main entrance and parking lot. It's the place to party with local fans before or after any Detroit home game. The great bar food and thirst-quenching beer is an added bonus.
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72 hours in the Comeback City - Detroit
by Pradip Rodrigues, CanIndia, August 21, 2014
Having visited most destinations within a four-hour driving radius of Toronto, Ontario, we were looking to find one across the border that we had not visited for our next long weekend. Detroit came to mind but others who heard about our plan thought we’d lost our minds.
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Red Wings Owner, Needing Hockey-Arena Neighborhood, Builds One
by Chris Christoff, Bloomberg News, August 6, 2014
Billionaire Mike Ilitch and his family plan to create an instantaneous neighborhood around Detroit’s new hockey arena and jump-start an economic recovery where other sports ventures fell short.
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Five Reasons to Take Your Kids to Detroit
by Craig Reiss,, August 3, 2014
Significant parts of Detroit have rebounded, moving beyond resuscitation to exude a heated energy. Downtown is brighter and more alive than any time I lived there. Midtown, Corktown and West Canfield are teeming with eateries, music, art and architecture and a massive Whole Foods.
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Five Free Things Driving Tourists to Detroit, the Motor City
by Jeff Karoub, The Associated Press, August 2, 2014
As the largest U.S. city to undergo bankruptcy, Detroit certainly has its financial woes. But that doesn’t mean visitors have to break their own banks to experience some impressive attractions.
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1 City 5 Ways: Detroit
By Serena Maria Daniels, Sky Magazine, Pages 69-75, August 2014
Talk to any Detroiter and he or she will tell you that the story of the Motor City has been skewed. Yes, Detroit still has its share of fallow real estate, and the postindustrial metropolis continues to emerge from its historic bankruptcy. But beyond those headlines are just as many fascinating stories of urban renewal.
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Al Fresco Dining
by Susan R. Pollack, Neighborhood SEEN, August 2014
“The patio is open.” That phrase is often heard around Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills and Franklin these days as more restaurants throw open their doors and let the good food – and good times – spill outside. With menus ranging from casual sliders and sushi to fancier fare, there are now plenty of outdoor dining spots in or near downtown Birmingham, the region’s al fresco epicenter for umbrella-studded patios and rooftop decks.
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Detroit Fights Back
by Lisa Lubin, Urbanful, July 30, 2014
Detroit. The name alone conjures up so much. A city in bankruptcy. A fallen automotive empire. A blighted land. Just this week, the city announced that it was shutting off water for more than 15,000 households because of overdue bills. But, with that comes scrappy innovation, progressive thinking, and young entrepreneurs with new ideas… some ideas that have gained traction and others that, well, might make a neighborhood colorful, but can public art really help residents with much larger problems?
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An Incredible Day of Shopping in Detroit. Yes, Detroit.
by Dana McMahan, Yahoo Travel, July 28, 2014
What do you find in a city that’s not choked with big-box chain stores? Local shops that run the gamut from quirky to downright weird, with unexpected treasures waiting to be unearthed at every corner. Whether you just want a funky souvenir from your trip or you’re planning an entire shopping expedition, here are a few only-in-Detroit favorites you must put on your list.
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Hard-knocks Cities are Working on a Comeback
by Melanie Eversley, USA Today, July 24, 2014
A dramatic past can be a good thing, some cities are saying. Places like Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Oakland and Detroit are drawing on their histories of race-related activism or factory shutdowns and using those details to attract business, tourists and new residents. They say the ups and downs of the past helped make them what they are today.
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Detroit, USA: Motor City Makeover
by Julie Miller, Traveller, July 4, 2014
Michigan Central Railway Station looms over Detroit's Corktown like an alien mothership, a desolate, decrepit behemoth long-abandoned behind a barbed wire fence. Once one of the most celebrated buildings in a city of architectural grandeur, this 18-storey Beaux Artes ruin is a symbol of Motor City USA's spectacular fall from grace, a Colosseum in a modern-day simulation of Ancient Rome.
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Field Guide 04, Detroit, MI
Wildsam Field Guides, July 2014
For many, the mere mention of Detroit conjures a kind of shock and awe. Newspaper headlines of bankruptcy and scandal. Visions of a city in decline, wrestling with urban blight and crippling poverty. For those able to wade through that noise, there is also the memory's call of heyday: Berry Gordy's Motown tunes that would become American anthems. An automotive juggernaut that turned the city into the nation's roaring assembly line. The "Paris of the Midwest" with grand boulevards and skyscrapers and Belle Isle and street after street of stately mansions.
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Top 10 Reasons To Go To Detroit
by Carri Wilbanks, AFK Insider, June 17, 2014
Because of its economic problems, Detroit got a pretty bad rap and became a symbol of urban decay, but economic revitalization is underway in some of its historic neighborhoods. Once one of America’s wealthiest cities, Detroit built up numerous attractions, entertainment venues, and sports stadiums. Now it’s becoming known as a place for cheap — really cheap — property and the place most likely to experience a renaissance. Before you cross Detroit off of your list of travel destinations, consider these 10 reasons to go to Detroit now.
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10 Up-And-Coming Neighborhoods Around The USA
by Leif Pettersen, USA Today Travel Experience America, May 2014
The heart of the city, Detroit's Midtown is rapidly developing into a surprisingly well-rounded residential area while featuring an abundance of restaurants, galleries, community gardens and markets.
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Top Family Attractions Worth Traveling For
FlipKey by Trip Advisor, May 2014, the vacation rental company of travel leader TripAdvisor, recently published a list of the 2014 Top Family Attractions Worth Traveling For based on industry research and traveler feedback. Detroit’s Michigan Science Center made the list for Michigan.
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Detroit’s Most Exciting Food Destination
by Megan McEwen , The Daily Traveler, May 21, 2014
In the comeback-kid city of Detroit, the Eastern Market neighborhood—named for one of the oldest outdoor food emporiums in the country—is among its greatest revivals. Every Saturday, the nearly 125-year-old market springs to life with farmers, food trucks, butchers, bakers, jam makers, and spice mongers. Recently, a new crop of businesses have joined the mom-and-pop stalwarts that ring the main arcades, creating a vibrant homegrown food-and-culture destination.
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The Renaissance of Detroit
By Carla Rupp, Never Stop Traveling, April 2014
While Detroit’s well-publicized financial turmoil has tarnished its image, there is a bright side to its story as well. While the city has always been one of America’s great urban centers, offering travelers plenty of things to see and do, today’s tumult has brought Detroiters together and they’re making the city better than ever. Several well-known businesses have relocated into the downtown area, where residential occupancy now stands at an unbelievable 98%.
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Alway On The Road: Witnessing Rays Of Hope In Detroit
by Steve Smith, OKS, March 13, 2014
What’s going on in… Detroit! Are you wondering “why in the world would anyone want to go to Detroit?” Some of my coworkers asked me that very same question – because it’s no secret the stories of crime, urban decay and even the recent bankruptcy of the city itself have created many negative impressions. For those living under a rock, Detroit has been frequently featured in national news as being the largest U.S. municipality to ever file for bankruptcy. But as a native of the area (and one who returns fairly often) I can tell you that there are still a great many positive attributes the city has, and on top of those there’s been an influx in entrepreneurialism and considerable growth as of late – one that I haven’t seen the likes of at any point in my memory.
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Detroit’s Re-Do
by Linda Rubright, The Delicious Day, March 17, 2014
The media’s reports of Detroit are, at their very best, unbalanced. What they miss while running yet another “ruin porn” story are the enormous efforts (and results) of insiders, outsiders and organizations, such as Midtown Detroit.
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Larry Alexander Talks New Cobo Center and Detroit in Bankruptcy
by Peter Vachon, Michigan Meetings + Events, Spring 2014
Detroit is going through big changes, from a new mayor to major new venues in the works. For the meeting and event industry, the renovations of Cobo Center and the impact of Detroit entering bankruptcy top the list of important issues. We spoke with Larry Alexander, CEO and President of the DMCVB and chair of the Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority, which oversees Cobo, for what those changes mean.
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Big City Small Spaces
by Peter Vachon, Michigan Meetings + Events, Spring 2014
A large city like Detroit always seems to hold hidden surprises: That out-of-the-way club or bistro, the newly opened shop reviving a craft long thought to be dead, or an avant-garde museum that hosts a succession of cutting-edge exhibits. The close, cozy feel of these smaller settings offers an opportunity for the creative planner to present the perfect event for a small group of clients or associates. Whether it’s an intimate dining venue or something tailored to more unconventional tastes, these niche locations will appeal to varied interests.
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Detroit’s Defender
by Alexa Stanard, Michigan Meetings + Events, Spring 2014
Sometimes it takes an outsider to really see a city for what it’s worth. Houston native Larry Alexander joined the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau in 1998. The president and CEO has been singing the region’s praises ever since.
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While Asking for Help, Detroit Sells a Comeback
by Steven Yaccino, The New York Times, Feb. 3 2014
Consider this public relations challenge, perhaps not seen since the Edsel: At the same time that beleaguered Detroit is emphasizing its desperate need for financial support, it is pitching itself as the city of the future.
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How Detroit Got Its Groove Back
by Katie Bascuas, Associations Now, Feb 3, 2014
The city’s convention and visitors bureau announced hotel and convention bookings are up significantly for the next two years—the result of a hard-fought effort to elevate Detroit’s image.
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The Pink Zone: Why Detroit is the New Brooklyn
by Andres Duany, CNN Money, Jan. 30, 2014
Detroit is going to be the next "Brooklyn." Perhaps not all of Detroit. But certainly a portion of the city has the potential to become as rich and thriving as New York's trendiest borough.
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Detroit Sees Increase in Convention Bookings
International Meetings Review, Jan. 30, 2014
Yesterday, at the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau's annual meeting at Cobo Center's new Riverview Ballroom, the CVB announced that advance bookings for convention and hotel business in Detroit are up for 2014 and 2015 over 2013.
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Detroit Seeing Uptick In Conventions, Visitors
by Corey Williams, AP, Jan. 29, 2014
A conference of Jehovah's Witnesses later this year is expected to draw 90,000 people to Detroit. The conference will stretch over two weekends at Ford Field and is an example of how Detroit is becoming more of a destination for conventions, despite the city's recent dive into bankruptcy, according to Larry Alexander, president and chief executive of the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau.
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Metro Detroit Meeting-Related Hotel Bookings For 2014 Already Double 2013
by Sherri Welch, Crain’s Detroit Business, Jan. 29, 2014
Metro Detroit will host 12 "multiple-hotel" meetings this year, twice the number it hosted in 2013. And that was just the beginning of good news shared by Larry Alexander, president and CEO of the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau, during the organization's annual meeting Wednesday at Cobo Center.
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Detroit Rocks with North American International Auto Show
by Josef Aukee, Smart Meetings, Jan. 24, 2014
The annual fete and feast of new cars for the casual buyer and connoisseur, the North American International Auto Show closes this weekend, but Smart Meetings was there at Detroit’s Cobo Center to witness the unveiling of the concept cars, from the new Mustang to offerings from Audi, Tesla, Dodge, Lincoln and more. Yes, there was a chill in the air, but that didn’t stop the celebratory gala Charity Preview just before the show’s opening.
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16 Reasons to Go to Detroit Right Now
by Linda Rubright, The Delicious Day, Jan. 6, 2014
While the media seems to love discussing all that is wrong with Detroit – it is ignoring or oblivious or both - to all that is right. Looking for reasons to go to Detroit? Here are 16 to get you started.
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Top 10 Things to Do on a Budget in Detroit
by Amy Lynch, Midwest Living, Jan. 2014
Inspiring landmarks, tours, parks, live music and cheap eats, fill a fun and affordable Midwest weekend getaway to Detroit.
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Top 10 Things for Active to Do Travelers in Detroit
by Amy Lynch, Midwest Living, Jan. 2014
We get it: People who love to spend their days biking, hiking and kayaking might not think of Detroit as the ultimate place for a Midwest weekend getaway. But our list shows why this embattled city offers plenty of fun places to play
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Top 10 Things to Do with Kids in Detroit
by Amy Lynch, Midwest Living, Jan. 2014
Museums, a zoo, baseball, cars, waterfront attractions, pizza ... a Midwest weekend getaway to Detroit is enough to make anyone feel like a kid again.
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Where to Go in 2014
AFAR, 2014
Motor City’s urban renewal is being fueled by such artists as Megan O’Connell and Leon Johnson. They throw book-and-bread dinners and run a food lab out of their letterpress studio, Salt & Cedar.
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Detroit Rising: Meetings & the Revitalization of Motor City
by Lori Smith, Meetings + Incentive Travel, Dec. 16, 2013
… There are also good news stories. A new creative class has brought new vitality to the city’s core. Companies such as Quicken Loans, CompuServe and Blue Shield moved their head offices to downtown Detroit and incented their employees to live in the areas they worked in. The business elite—the Ilitch family, Dan Gilbert, Roger Penske and more—are investing significantly in the city. But tales of the city’s troubles still steal the headlines.
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Make it Macomb
y Heather Turk, Michigan Meetings and Events, Winter 2014
From the waterfront to the high-end historic properties to the affordable exhibit space, Macomb County offers planners a diverse array of venue choices. Macomb County, one of the fastest growing areas in the state, is home to more than 50 hotels offering 4,500 guest rooms and boasting an array of activities to enjoy.
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How One Restaurant is Helping to Turn Around Detroit 
by Peter Greenberg, CBS News, December 16, 2013
Restaurateur and entrepreneur Phillip Cooley is the first to point out there is now more demand than supply in Detroit. And local business are taking note. The Corktown neighborhood in Detroit is becoming a go-to destination with thriving local businesses, and it was all jump-started by Cooley's own Slows Bar BQ.
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Made in America Spotlight on Detroit's Bouncing Back
y David Muir, ABC News, December 11, 2013 
Shinola Watch Co. gives the Swiss some competition with precision watches plus hundreds of jobs.
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Fodors Go To List 2014
by Caroline Trefler,, December 11, 2013

A hip, new, cultural- and design-savvy Detroit is emerging from what remains of Motor City. Some compare it to hipster Brooklyn because of the microbreweries, coffee shops, organic bakeries, guerilla farming, forward fashion boutiques, and funky cocktail spots popping up all over town.
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Meet Me in Detroit: A Planner’s Guide to the Motor City
by Paul Vachon, Michigan Meetings and Events, Fall 2013

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of life in Detroit is the constant growth in the amenities targeted to the business traveller or tourist. And now is a good time as ever to bring business to the city. The headlines about Detroit filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection were hard to miss this summer. But the news needn’t strike fear in the heard of meeting and event planners.
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Help Detroit Get Out of the Red – Be a Tourist!
by Sandra Scott, Travel + Escape, October 5, 2013
The city of Detroit may have filed for bankruptcy but that doesn’t mean everything is shut down. Trust me, tourist spots will be delighted to see you—and, there is a lot to see. Plus, you can feel good knowing you are helping the economy and the working people of Detroit. Think about it. Tourism helps restaurants, cabbies, hotels, souvenir vendors, and you will have a great time exploring the city. Here are my favorite things to do in Detroit.
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New ad says ‘everything you’ve heard about Detroit is true’
by Marge Sorge,, October 1, 2013
“Everything you’ve heard about Detroit is true”screams the headline in the most recent ad from the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau. Risky? Not so much. Under that headline are some truths about the city. Here’s the rest of the copy. Okay, it’s true: We filed for bankruptcy. It’s true: We’ve got some serious financial challenges. But here’s what else is true about Detroit …
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Detroit on the Rebound
by Josef Aukee, Smart Meetings, Sept. 12, 2013
Detroit’s resilience in the wake of capitalism’s downside is nothing short of remarkable. Urban garden projects dot the downtown landscape, Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert’s Rock Ventures, Compuware and Shinola (a new bicycle and watch manufacturer) are making serious investments in building upgrades and job creation, there’s a shortage of apartments for rent in downtown (many projects were stalled in 2008) and the legendary Cobo Center is in Phase II of its $300 million redevelopment.
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Detroit bankrupt? Six ways the Motor City is thriving
by Larry Gabriel, The Christian Science Monitor, September 9, 2013
…The bottom line is that the coverage of the bankruptcy reinforces a tired old story. But the internal narrative of Detroit has already changed direction. There are plenty of positive major economic stories coming out of Detroit, starting with the federally bailed-out General Motors and Chrysler auto companies emerging from bankruptcy with improved sales and record profits, and continuing with the likes of the booming Midtown as a flagship community of the new Detroit. The people of Detroit are certainly not bankrupt for resources or ideas. Here are six ways that they're helping to create a stronger Motor City.
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New Ballroom opens at Cobo Center
by Michael Hart,, September 7, 2013
While the renovations and expansion of Detroit’s Cobo Center is still just over halfway completed, it took a big step Saturday night when the 40,000 square foot Grand River Ballroom was opened to the public for the first time. “This isn’t just a new paint job,” said Larry Alexander, president and CEO of Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau and chairman of the authority board that oversees the venue. “This is emblematic of the transition of an aging and decrepit structure into a sleek, state-of-the-art facility.”
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Great Pizza Parlors
by Laura Bly, Jayne E Clark, Rebecca Heslin, and Kitty Bean Yancey, USA Today, September 6, 2013
With a nod to Greektown, Motor City Brewing Works' "Mary Did Have" pizza is a dazzling combination of olive oil, ground lamb, garlic, mint, tomato, pine nuts, baptized with feta, labne (a Middle Eastern yogurt cheese), cucumbers and zatar spices. Tucked away in the back of a parking lot, John Linardos' Detroit brewpub is the kind of cool scene you wish for in your neighborhood.
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Rebuilding Detroit: Social Innovators Stake Their Claim
by Elisa Birnbaum, See Change Magazine, September 2, 2013
…Events are purposely set in diverse neighborhoods to counter Detroiters’ tendency toward siloes and to bridge the cultural divide. Dinner in the Field, an event organized by four Detroit nonprofits who share a passion for their struggling city and a determination to see it move forward. If you’re searching for a sign that Detroit will rise up again, that a recent bankruptcy will not seal its fate, a seat at this dinner table may be your first clue.
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Detroit Optimistic Following Bankruptcy
by Michael C. Lowe, Meetings and Conventions, September 1, 2013
Destination management officials in Detroit say it’s business as usual following the city’s decision to file for bankruptcy back in July. The city’s move to Chapter 9 protection had been expected by many the tourism industry. “We knew the bankruptcy was a strong possibility for a long time,” said Bill Bohde.
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Detroit may not return to past glory, but don’t stop believing
by Tavia Grant, The Globe and Mail, August 31, 2013
…Its public sector may have hit rock bottom, but among the ranks of private business people, non-profits, artists and activists, there has been bold talk for a while now of a Detroit renaissance. Many entrepreneurs and experts really seem to think the poster child for urban ruin could become a testing ground for adaptation to a post-industrial age. If so, it would be just in time.
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Convention hopes buoy downtown Detroit hotel market
by Brian J. O’Connor, The Detroit News, August 26, 2013
With Detroit poised to enter the competition for high-level, big-money conventions, the city’s downtown is attracting new hotels, and another that wants to look as good as new. Also in the works are two boutique hotels.
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Eat Your Way Through Detroit, Part 1

by Matt Bell, The Manual: The Essential Guide for Men, Aug. 14, 2013
…There’s been no influx of James Beard awards or Michelin stars ushering in a brand new level of “Detroit Cuisine,” rather Detroit restaurants just have some plain and simple, damn good eats. What makes the food of this town stand out, what ties it all together, are its roots, rich diversity and story of America. And here we have a top cross selection, not necessarily of the “nicest” places to eat (though some are here) but of the places that are the most “Detroit.”
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Detroit's stealth business boom
by Chris Isidore, CNN Money, August 12, 2013
Detroit is struggling with the largest municipal bankruptcy in the nation's history, which was brought on in part by the flight of both residents and businesses in recent decades. But Detroit's downtown area is enjoying rapid growth. The busy, 7.2-square-mile area stands in sharp contrast to the stretches of abandoned homes, closed factories and urban decay that dominate most of the city.
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Detroit peddles 'Comeback City' ads to curious convention planners
by Tom Walsh, Detroit Free Press, August 11, 2013
How do you market a bankrupt city? Bill Bohde and 11 colleagues from the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau, Cobo Center and regional partners gave it their best shot a week ago in Atlanta at the American Society of Association Executives annual meeting and expo.
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As Detroit Flounders, Its Art Scene Flourishes
by Courtney Balestier, The New York Times August 6, 2013 
… Detroit’s dismal financial situation has been a subject of minimal regard for many artists, who said that their city is far from the ghost town some might assume from the news. They point out that a rich cultural undercurrent has grown only stronger in recent years, with a rise in contemporary art. They say that the arts, in the end, may propel economic development in Detroit, as it has from Asheville, N.C., to Bilbao, Spain.
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Stabenow/Levin: Detroit comeback already has begun
by Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin, USA Today, August 5, 2013
...But the images flashed on TV screens across the country do not tell the whole story. The fact is, we're not waiting for a comeback in Detroit, the comeback has already begun. Here's what you're not seeing on television. 
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Don't Let Detroit's Bankruptcy Fool You
by David McMillin,, July 29, 2013
By now, you’ve probably seen the headlines of Detroit’s decision to file for bankruptcy. It’s no secret that the past three decades have not been kind to Motown. However, before you write off Detroit as a city that cannot be repaired, I urge you to take a closer look and dig beneath the negative statistics that the majority of national media outlets have chosen to highlight.
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Detroit's Bust, but its Hotel Industry is Booming
by Nancy Trejos, USA Today, July 27, 2013
In its glory days, the Pontchartrain Hotel in Detroit, affectionately referred to by locals as the Pontch, played host to presidents, Motown stars and executives of the auto industry that fueled the city's economy. … Detroit might be in bankruptcy, but its hotel industry is on an upward trajectory. Three casino hotels have opened in recent years. A new Starwood Aloft hotel is set to open next year in a landmark building in Grand Circus Park downtown. And developers have proposed turning a historic firehouse across from the Cobo Convention Center into a boutique hotel.
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Send a Show to Detroit 
by Michael Hart,, July 23, 2013
I wish Charles Dickens hadn’t already called a story “A Tale of Two Cities,” because I’d love to describe current-day Detroit that way. (But don’t worry; I’m sure somebody else already has.)
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10 Reasons Travellers Should Show Detroit Some Love  
by Bery Archer, The Globe and Mail, July 22, 2013
Last week’s bankruptcy filing is only the latest in an assembly line of bad news that Detroit’s been steadily pumping out since the 1950s, when its population started to decline from a high of just less than two million to its current 700,000. Detroiters are used to it. So if you visit, don’t expect to find a lot of moping. And, really, you should visit.
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Detroit reassures potential conventions that events will go on despite bankruptcy  
by Kathleen Gray, Detroit Free Press, July 22, 2013
The Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau wants to make sure event planners across the nation know that Detroit’s welcome mat is still out. The bureau sent a letter Friday to hundreds of current and potential clients to let them know that even though the city has filed for bankruptcy, conventions and other events should and will go on as planned.
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Redefining Detroit  
by Robert Bundy, Third Coast Daily, July 21, 2013
Detroit, Michigan has filed for bankruptcy. The city’s emergency manager made the decision last Thursday. So that’s that. Detroit is finished. Again. I say “again” because the eulogies for Detroit have come steadily for years. Published accounts of the city’s epic rise and fall practically constitutes a literary sub-category, with documentary films, coffee-table books filled with intriguing ruins that are both beautiful and heartbreaking, and almost daily reports that things are only getting worse. But the people who actually live in Detroit, as well as frequent visitors, say it’s a great city. Still. And especially over the past couple of years, it’s getting better all the time.
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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Detroit  
by Nicole Rupersburg, Fox News, July 20, 2013
While Detroit has now earned the notorious distinction of being the largest municipality ever to file bankruptcy in U.S. history, over the years its food, arts and cultural scene has been thriving. Business owners and community members have been hard at work trying to push for a rebirth of the Rust Belt town, and as a result has created a city filled with unique cultural and culinary treasures.
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5 Reasons to Go to Detroit Right Now 
by Dana McMahan,, July 9, 2013
Detroit just needs a little love," said the waitress chatting with my husband and me at Baker's Keyboard Lounge on 8 Mile in Detroit. The beleaguered city doesn't get much love. But it's time to replace the images of crime and strife with one of the grassroots spirit sweeping the city.
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Michigan Mainstay: The Detroit Area Makes for Entertaining, Culturally Rich Agendas
by Carolyn Blackburn, Meetings Focus Magazine, July 2013 
The lineup of famous folks from the Detroit area is as impressive and inspirational as the city’s transformative spirit. Musicians including Smokey Robinson, comics such as Lily Tomlin, directors like Francis Ford Coppola, and authors including Jeffrey Eugenides all hail from Detroit and symbolically suggest the area has a story to tell, a song to sing and a great sense of humor even in the face of setbacks.
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Where to Go This Summer
by Dana McMahan,, June 13, 2013
The D is making a comeback. How often can you see a city on the brink that's poised to haul itself back? Detroit surprises visitors with a real, forward-looking experience. Sure, there's plenty of history to be found, some amazing 1920s art deco architecture, and the ruin-porn gawkers will find camera fodder. But intrepid visitors should go now and see firsthand how this beleaguered city is transforming itself.
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Detroit Back in Business
by Brendan Manley,, March 12, 2013
The Motor City is on the mend, thanks in no small part to the recent government bailouts of the once-sagging U.S. automotive industry. Sources say Detroit is now entering a market-wide rebirth, triggering significant hotel development in the downtown area and outlying suburbs.
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Having Cobo under regional authority has proven to be a key to comeback
by Sherri Welch, Crain’s Detroit, March 11, 2013
With the governor’s pending appointment of an emergency financial manager, the 2009 decision to move Cobo Center out from under the city of Detroit to a regional authority has become key in the city’s comeback. Also key: the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau’s status as an independent, regional group, rather than a department of the city, as convention and visitor bureaus often are in other places.
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Ad agency Campbell Ewald headed downtown, with 600 jobs
by Tom Walsh, Detroit Free Press, March 6, 2013
Downtown Detroit will get a new jolt of creative talent and another funky work space with the move of advertising agency Campbell Ewald from suburban Warren into the old J.L. Hudson warehouse space in Ford Field, a move to be announced today by Bill Ludwig, the firm's chairman and CEO, and Detroit Mayor Dave Bing.
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A Private Boom Amid Detroit’s Public Blight
by Monica Davey, The New York Times, March 4, 2013
Private industry is blooming here, even as the city’s finances have descended into wreckage. In late 2011, Rachel Lutz opened a clothing shop, the Peacock Room, which proved so successful that she opened another one, Emerald, last fall. Shel Kimen, who had worked in advertising in New York, is negotiating to build a boutique hotel and community space. Big companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield have moved thousands of workers into downtown Detroit in recent years. A Whole Foods grocery, this city’s first, is scheduled to open in June.
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Renovations registry: Hotels upgrade to ride a rebound in occupancy
by Sherri Welch, Crain’s Detroit, March 3, 2013
A number of metro Detroit hotels are booked for renovations this year. Industry experts say financing for new hotel construction is still tough to come by, but funding a hotel makeover is an easier sell.
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Unconventional spaces lift meetings, events out of the bored room
by Ryan Felton, Crain’s Detroit, March 3, 2013
Shane Pliska, president of Planterra Corp., had no idea that when the company opened a state-of-the-art greenhouse in 2010, it was also creating an entirely separate business venture.
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Moving on up: New hotel construction projects on the grow
by Sherri Welch, Crain’s Detroit, March 3, 2013
A handful of new hotel projects in the region have obtained financing and are moving ahead, while a number of hotels have begun construction and look to open before year's end.
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Future Bright for Event
by Sherri Welch, Crain's Detroit, March 3, 2013
While Detroit's schedule for major meetings and conventions is about even with last year's, the best is yet to come, according to the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau.
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Made in Detroit: Serving Up Good Times Again
by Joan Lynch Luckett, Midwest Living Magazine, March/April 2013
The Motor City is rising again, and we don’t just mean automakers. Meet a few of the entrepreneurs helping to put Detroit back on its feet—and serving some great drinks and dishes in the process.
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Leg Up for Downtown Detroit
by Matthew Dolan, Wall Street Journal, Jan. 28, 2013
In a back office at the headquarters of mortgage company Quicken Loans Inc., workers are assembling a 9-by-5-foot scale model of Detroit's modest downtown that will be used to plot the district's future.
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The Return of Detroit
by Michael Hart,, Jan. 21, 2013
One thing I learned last week: Downtown Detroit, Cobo Center and the North American International Auto Show are all back. On Friday night, I attended the black-tie charity preview traditionally held the night before the public portion of the annual car show opens.
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Double Down Work Together
by Michael Hart, EXPO Magazine, January/February 2013
Just a few years after a massive recession hit the automotive industry and its home, Detroit and its fabled North American International Auto Show are back in business.
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"Obviously, Detroit is the place to be when it comes to [manufacturing] technology." See Sam's testimonial.

— Sam Canning, Griffith University, Queensland, Australiaachers Association
… the downtown transformation is truly amazing! Check out America’s greatest comeback city!

… I know how hard everybody has worked to make a great comeback.

… I want to be part of something amazing, a revitalization of making America great again.

… it’s a comeback city making headlines at a great value!

… the newly renovated Cobo Center looks amazing and is a great venue for conventions!

… I love a great comeback story!

… of the fantastic walkable downtown, fantastic new restaurants and @detroitrvrfrnt.

… Detroit has a fresh feel.


Fast Fact

Home of three major casino complexes in the downtown area: Greektown Casino, MGM Grand Detroit and Motor City Casino.